"We are empowered to improve our maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the common areas in our Steeds Crossings neighborhood"


For many years now, our common areas have been neglected, and our new landscape committee will improve this by working with our HOA's Board.

Our initial plans are to cultivate a newer landscape footprint in Steeds Crossing, by making sure vendors are taking good care of our landscape property.

We also would like to put our own stamp on improving the vegetation life around our common areas landscape annually with approval from the Board.

Architectural and Enforcement Committee:
If you would like to be on the Architectural and Enforcement Committee, click here to see the duties.

Making Your Community Beautiful. The covenants require an owner to obtain prior written approval from the Board for ANY exterior alteration or addition to the property within our Association. Please click here for an ACC Change Request Form. Complete the form and follow the instructions to submit your request.

Street Light Outages.  Citizens may report street light outages directly to Oncor Electric or the City of Austin. Oncor Electric is responsible for the majority of the maintenance of street lights in the City of Pflugerville.  Per Public Utility Commission of Texas rules, electric providers have 15 days to complete a repair once notified.  To report an outage online, go to or call 1-888-313-4747.
From the Steeds Crossing HOA Bylaws:
Article V
Architecural Committee

4.02  Membership.  Any Person, upon becoming an Owner, shall automatically become a member of the Association.  Membership shall be apprutenant to and shall run with the property interest which qualifies the owner thereof for membership, and membership may  not be servered from, or in any way transferred, pledged, mortgaged, or alientated, except together with the title to the said property interest.

Article V
Architecural Committee

5.15 Certificate of Compliance.  Upon completion of any Improvement approved by the Architectural Committee and upon written request by the Owner of the Lot, the Architectural Committe shall issue a certificate of Compliance (the "Certificate") in a form suitable for recordation.