Committee Chair and Members
Communications Committee:
Melissa Call, Chair -
Contact Melissa if you have suggestions/ideas you'd like to see in our Newsletter or on our website.  If you would like to be on this Committee, click here to see the duties and let Melissa know you're interested.

Architectural and Enforcement Committee:
Making Your Community Beautiful.  The covenants require an owner to obtain prior written approval from the Board for ANY exterior alteration or addition to the property within our Association.  Please click here for an ACC Change Request Form.  Complete the form and follow the instructions to submit your request. 

To determine if a permit is required for your project, contact Blake Overmyer, Building Official at the City of Pflugerville, or (512) 990-6321.  Click here for the City's Building Department information, including fee schedules, address, etc.
City of Pflugerville Code Compliance Officers:  Mike Wilson, and Henry Grobert,, 670-5720.

If you would like to be on the Architectural and Enforcement Committee, click here to see the duties.

Landscape Committee:
If you would like to be on this Committee, click here to see the duties.

Social Committee:
Karen Curran, Chair --
Amanda and Jeff Remster, Members --
Advise and assist the Board in developing and administering
an ongoing program to provide social activities within Steeds
Crossing.  Organize and find volunteers to assist with other holiday events.

Neighborhood Watch Program:
John Kengle, Coordinator --
Jennifer Limas, Assistant Coordinator --
Neighbors getting to know one another and working in a program of mutual assistance; training to assist neighbors in recognizing and reporting suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.
Would you be interested in volunteering to serve as a Block Captain?   There's always lots to do in the neighborhood!  Check out the job duties here:  Block Captain.